Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Much News! Long Post Families!

So, it has been since January on my last post!  YIKES!  I hadn't heard from many of you that you utilized the blog until our Valentine's Party when several Moms told me they missed the updates.  All apologies.  I will stay with it weekly as long as you need me!  Spelling City words are up.  Please allow your learner a few minutes per day.

This week we are focusing on the OWees and OUchies.  Words that say OW!  We did a very fun lesson utilizing these words by writing them on band-aides and sorting them accordingly.  Today, students used the OU and OW words in a language lesson as well helping them sort Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives.  Check folders for homework.

My biggest goal for the next 6 weeks is preparing our learners for the IOWA Summative Test.  This test is not a determiner of your learner's ability, but a summation of what they have learned over the past 2 years.  There are certain skills on this test that are not Common Core skills.  Therefore, you will see different math come home in preparation.  My heart is in helping the kiddos feel comfortable come testing.  We will work hard for the next few weeks, but I have faith that all will do well.

I have sent home IXL account numbers and have begun including IXL assignments on the weekly newsletter.  As with spelling, vocabulary, and sight words, I really need you to include IXL as part of your nightly routine.  I will be slowing down Book Bags to 2x per week so that you can allow an extra 10-20 minutes of IXL practice.  Your child's time and progress is sent to me on a weekly basis. 

As always, call me with questions, concerns, and/or suggestions!  I am here for you!  Thanks for all of your support.

Mrs. Dwyer

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Spelling Words for Tommorow

For those of you home and who receive blog notifications, we will have our spelling test on the long E tomorrow.   Please practice on Spelling City today! Here is a list of words your learner will definitely see:


In addition I will quiz our word card words for the week; was, around, once, tell, think, gave, once.  Take the time stuck indoors to review and we will review Tommorow as well!  Enjoy the day off.  As always, call if you have any questions or concerns. 501-250-7079.
Mrs.  Dwyer

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Yay! There is a spelling list this week!

Check the Backpacks Moms, Dads, and Grandparents:

I sent a very important story home in a very important book.  We have read this together as "choral" readers; meaning that I read a line, they read a line while putting their fingers on the words.  Additionally, they have read to me individually.  This a "toughie", therefore, I need your help in allowing them to read to you.  Please use the "chunking" tips I left in your learner's folders. 

***THE SPELLING LIST IS ON SPELLING CITY AND IN BACKPACKS!  I never do a spelling list, but this week is tough.  The Bossy R makes ir, ur, and er all say RRR. 

Good night all! Please call, text, message here, or email me with any comments, concerns, ideas, etc.  Your opinions and comments are extremely valuable! 

R. Dwyer

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Bossy R and Accelerated Reader

Good Evening First Grade Families! 

I have not been blogging regularly the past week, and for that I apologize!  We are working on some major writing and research projects that require my full time preparation, and our full time hard work during classroom hours.  I think you will be excited to see how far your readers and writers have come by Thanksgiving, however.

This week's word family is the -AR or the Bossy R.  Learners know that when R comes after a short vowel (a, e, i, o, and u) those vowels are not allowed to say their names.  For example:

CAT  becomes  CART                  and                    PAT becomes  PART
Please click the link below for the Bossy R Rap!  Super cute and the kids just love it.
Most of our spelling words will consist of words that end in -ar, -ark, and art.  Example List:
PLEASE note that I am testing for weekly sight words now!  Not just word recognition, but SPELLING!  That means some memorizing on your part.  This is because I want our writing to become more fluent and content rich.  Young writers are better writers if they are not hung up on spelling common words.  These words are found in the weekly newsletter and are given to you as WORD CARDS each week. 
In math we are working the Part/Part/Whole equations and they kiddos are doing great!  They are learning to understand when to add and when to subtract in real life situations.  You may not see as much math come home prior to Thanksgiving, but rest assured, we are talking and working problems everyday. 
Finally, the Accelerated Reader program is a wonderful program your learner will use throughout his/her elementary career.  Learners are encouraged to read books on their independent reading level and take on-line tests at school to earn points towards his/her reading goal.  I will be sending a Diagnostic report home that tells you your child's reading level.  Look for Book Bags that can be read nightly to help your child reach not only the Accelerated Reader goals, but also improve their fluency and reading levels.  (The best part is that after your child fills the reading log, they earn a free pizza!).
As always, call, text, email, or comment on this blog with any questions/suggestions.  Reminder:  Check folders, read the book bag books, sign off on your reading logs, and practice spelling words.  With your cooperation, we can have a fabulous end to 2013! 
Becca Dwyer
501.250.7079 (Call or Text)



Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall Party Tomorrow

Don't forget our fall party is tomorrow at 1:40.  You cans till send items for the party. Looking forward to seeing you!.

I have not been posting spelling and sight words, and no one has seemed to miss it!  Please offer blog feedback.  If you find it beneficial, I will continue to post.  I would like to get to a "paperless" classroom as it pertains to newsletters, reminders, and lists.  

This week's word family is the R controlled vowel O.  In other words, -or- in the middle of the word.  For example,
-or (for)   -ore (more, tore, sore, snore)  -orch (torch, scorch)  -orm (Norm),  -ork (fork)
Your learners are bringing home word lists that they have read for me, but may want to practice spelling for you.  Look for OR Oct. 28-Nov. 1st word list on Spelling City.

Additionally, I will be posting on Spelling City a list of commonly misspelled sight words.  I will test these by semester's end.  Work on these weekly!  Very important.  Thanks for all you do!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Spelling City

In addition to your ScootPad accounts, I have enrolled the kids in Spelling City.  We are practicing spelling and vocabulary words through this website at school, but I encourage you to use it at home as well.  Your child's folder has a letter with her username/password.

The Short e!

et (let, bet, set)    ell (bell, smell, tell)   en (hen, pen, wren)   eg (leg, peg, Meg)  ed (fed, shred, led)


Monday  ran  away  can't   this  if   on  keep

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What's Happening This Week!

So, I have had a lot of questions about some of the grades (language and spelling) that came back lower than expected.  I don't want parents to worry.  If the grade is below 80%  then we correct and retest in small group with Mrs. Reynolds (our classroom aide).  You should have seen these tests come back already corrected.  If not, your learner ran out of time and needs to correct with you as homework.  My goal is for ALL of our learners to succeed by whichever strategies work best for their learning style.  

I do spell test certain sight words.  Please have your learner write those words a few times at home.  We write them at school, but it is always a good review.  


             so           of           where

       help         find         ride

       there        work         Sunday

I have highlighted where to break the word apart based on our Hunks and Chunks.  


op        ot       og        ob
chop      tot        smog       knob
hop        shot      frog         job
shop      trot       jog         slob

ox     ont       ost       ock
box       font        cost        clock
fox                     frost      sock
pox                                   knock

We practice these extensively at school.  It's not necessary for your learner to know every word, just the word family and blend.  Again, I have highlighted examples of where to break the word apart to help your learner based on our initial sounds, hunks and chunks, and blends.

Math is at slowing down point.  We are a class full of kids with GREAT number sense, so we got through addition and subtraction (to 10) very quickly.  Now we are starting some different strategies that will help us later in the year.  If you don't see a math test this week, don't worry.  We are working on 100-120, place value, and doubles.  P.S.  If your learner can do the DOUBLES RAP for me, it's an automatic trip to the treasure box!  Let me know if you need a new copy.

Finally, iPADS are all in!  I will be assigning them with IXL, ScootPAD, Spelling City, and GoMath accounts this week.  Look for your letter with your child's usernames and passwords in their take home folders.  All of these accounts are accessible from home!  They will help your child practice for math and spelling tests, and aide in extension work.   

**SOME HOMEWORK WILL BE ONLINE!  Please let me know if this is not an option for you  by sending me a text at 501.250.7079.  Thank you!